Breaking Data Silos and Automating Cloud Data Warehouse Integrations

October 29, 2020

Research recently conducted by Vanson Bourne shows that 83% of organizations are not fully satisfied with their data warehousing initiatives. The 500 IT leaders we surveyed cite four key obstacles stalling data warehouse progress and success: disconnected data silos, slow loading of the data warehouse, time-consuming data prep, and a need for more automation of core data management activities.  

The good news: even (or especially) in these COVID-times, the IT leaders we surveyed are committed to their data projects and are increasing their budgets to fix or start new data warehousing projects.

Watch now to explore how organizations can overcome obstacles in their data warehouse initiatives and hear how Castleton Commodities International (CCI) successfully implemented their cloud data warehouse to meet business objectives.

Our webinar of panel speakers will discuss:

  • Challenges that result in failed data warehouse initiatives
  • Costs associated with incomplete data or project delays
  • Designing solutions to address cloud data warehouse integration
  • Gaining business insights with an integrated cloud data warehouse

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