Kick Integration Backlogs to the Curb with SnapLogic OEM!

June 28, 2022

Tuesday, June 28th, 2022 at 8 AM PT

Is integrating apps and data central to your product and services strategy?   

Do you wish your product teams could spend less time on connecting data and apps and more time focused on your core business?

Join SnapLogic’s Paul Weitkemper for this live whiteboard session to learn how SnapLogic OEM can eliminate these problems and help you go to market with new products and services much more quickly then your current integration strategy and our competitors. 

During this live whiteboard session you will learn how SnapLogic’s unified platform can help:

  • Give your application a born on the cloud feel
  • Address sales friction associated with a disjointed integration strategy
  • Speed up Customer On-Boarding
  • Save cost associated with point products and hand coding
Featured Speakers
Paul Weitkemper

OEM Director at SnapLogic

Paul Weitkemper leads SnapLogic’s OEM program, helping CTO’s and service providers build long term product strategies that result in delivering greater revenue, going to market faster and with more innovative solutions. Paul has over 25 years experience with OEM programs, having led OEM programs at Informatica and IBM prior to SnapLogic.

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