Automate Data-driven Insights with SnapLogic and Google BigQuery

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Modern organizations need insights that are extracted from real-time data and are delivered to the right people at the right time. SnapLogic and Google have partnered via the Works with BigQuery Program to develop a native solution which provides users the ability to easily connect applications and data sources to Google BigQuery, without any coding, while also adopting a modern architecture for Extract, Load, and Transform (ELT).

SnapLogic Benefits for Google BigQuery

  • Recognized as a Works with BigQuery Program partner providing optimized integrations for Smart Analytics products including Google BigQuery
  • Maximizes cost and time savings with ELT to transform data in Google cloud Simplifies data integration with pre-built connections
  • Performs native commands in Google BigQuery to achieve common tasks including Google account configuration, bulk loading of data from Google storage, and streaming data from many other sources.

With this combined solution, it’s the perfect time to modernize your data warehouse and drive smarter decisions through data.