SnapLogic raises $165M
at a unicorn valuation

We have some exciting news! With our latest round of funding of $165M led by Sixth Street Growth, we now have a $1B valuation.

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SnapLogic Intelligent iPaaS

The Future of Enterprise Automation


Quickly ramp up, learn and use SnapLogic to create, multi-point, enterprise- wide app and data integrations. Easily expose and manage pipeline APIs that extend your world.


Eliminate slower, manual, error-prone methods and deliver faster results for business processes such as customer onboarding, employee onboarding and off-boarding, quote to cash, ERP SKU forecasting, support ticket creation, and more.


Monitor, manage, secure, and govern your data pipelines, application integrations, and API calls––all from a single pane of glass.

Bring Automation to Every Part of Your Organization

Launch automated workflows for any department, across your enterprise, in minutes – not days.

  • IT

    Seamless experiences powered by intuitive automated processes.

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  • Sales

    With automation, provide customer experiences that delight.

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  • Marketing

    Automation that helps you grow your prospect pipeline.

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  • HR

    Automation that streamlines human resources.

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  • Finance and Accounting

    Automation that makes financial data your new super power.

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ipad with IT workflow

Learn how Snaplogic accelerates and simplifies automation for business units and data governance for IT professionals. With over 600+ pre-built connectors, and a low code interface, IT departments are able to save both time and resources.

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ipad with Sales workflow

What drives your customers away to your competitors, more than a poor product or bad pricing? The answer is poor customer experiences. Learn how SnapLogic can help you drive better customer experiences that potentially lead to more sales and better cost efficiencies.

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ipad with Marketing workflow

Learn how SnapLogic can grow demand generation with lead synchronization. Optimize and manage marketing campaigns across multiple channels. Nurture leads with customized content, and most importantly, route leads to the right sales team.

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ipad with HR workflow

To deliver superior employee experiences, the SnapLogic platform can bring together employee data across all your enterprise HR apps and data stores. Learn how SnapLogic can help you quickly set up seamless experiences powered by automated processes.

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ipad with Finance workflow

Learn how Snaplogic can help speed up finance and accounting operations, including enabling automated continuous closing, for more real-time business updates, reporting, and insights.

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SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform is at your Service

Develop, execute and govern integration flows with SnapLogic’s easy to use, award winning Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS).

  • Intuitive User Interface

    Drag-n-Snap, low-code integrations that are easy to learn and fast to use.

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  • Data Integrations for Cloud and On-Premises Apps

    Easily connect all your data with applications across your enterprise

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  • Data Automation

    Automate all your pipelines whether you choose to load data first or replicate schemas.

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  • Pre-Built Connectors & Pipeline Patterns

    Speed up design and deployment with more than 500 intelligent, pre-built connectors we call ‘Snaps’ and hundreds of end-to-end pipeline patterns, including automated business processes.

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  • AI-Augmented Integrations

    Automatic next recommendations and new NLP-powered guided interface empower IT and non-developers alike

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The World’s Leading Companies Choose SnapLogic

Our customers have the ability to deploy applications 4X faster, and have seen 498% ROI with a complete payback period in as little as 6 months.

“After experiencing SnapLogic’s automation, we didn’t even consider a second solution.”

Srini Koushik, CIO, Magellan Health

“By automating our application and data integrations, SnapLogic cut our development time in half, and saved us tremendous amounts of time and resources. SnapLogic has proven to be a tremendous asset.”

Krishna Bhagavan, Sales & Marketing Engineering Manager, Yelp

“Digital transformation is a vehicle for growth at Hampshire Trust Bank. And SnapLogic is essential to that transformation.”

Russ Fitzgerald, CIO, Hampshire Trust Bank

“With the SnapLogic platform … being able to quickly and easily custom-compose our IT environment allows us to take advantage of the latest innovations and scale reliably with speed and confidence.”

Paul Chapman, CIO, Box

“We are now able to gather real-time student feedback and undertake analysis, which prepares us for building a product that helps millions of students.”

Tapan Parekh, Director, Director of Engineering and Architecture, Kaplan Test Prep

All The Tools You Love, Integrated

With more than 600 intelligent, pre-built connectors and hundreds of end-to-end pipeline patterns, your team will never be the same.

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