Is your integration infrastructure ready for GenAI?

Enterprises are modernizing from legacy integration tools to a scalable, AI-ready iPaaS to stay competitive.

On average, businesses who modernized with SnapLogic’s Platform for Generative Integration see…

compression of integration pipelines

reduction in total cost of ownership

reduction in # of integrations and maintenance costs

Why should you modernize your legacy integration infrastructure?

Connect your data to prep for GenAI

A cloud-born generative integration tool helps you easily connect to cloud and on-premises applications and data, and build new Generative AI applications quickly. This agility enables enhanced customer service and employee experience, and new opportunities to deliver higher value.

Reduce cost and complexity

Maintaining legacy applications and integrations is expensive and can slow productivity and delay projects. Modernizing your applications and integrations can minimize complexity, reduce the cost and time spent associated with maintenance, and improve operational efficiencies.

Improve business agility

Relieve your IT experts by empowering non-technical users to build integrations and GenAI applications. Help reduce IT bottlenecks and get business results faster with a low/no-code platform that leverages GenAI, LLMs, and natural language processing.

See how these legacy platforms compare to SnapLogic’s Platform for Generative Integration


Modernizing integration platforms means moving from a previous generation, legacy, or on-premises tool to a cloud-born, scalable, unified, and productive platform.

Generative Integration is an advanced approach to data and application integration that leverages Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs). This innovative method securely automates the creation of integration pipelines, streamlining the process of connecting disparate systems and data sources. By utilizing AI and machine learning capabilities, Generative Integration can understand, interpret, and generate code, significantly reducing manual effort and improving the efficiency and accuracy of data integration tasks. Employees across the enterprise can be empowered to automate workflows quickly, deliver insights rapidly, accelerate innovation, and drive business results.

Yes. SnapLogic works with several partners who have expertise in legacy systems. Your team can work with one of our partners or the SnapLogic Professional Services team to help you migrate from legacy systems such as IBM DataStage, Informatica PowerCenter, MuleSoft, etc.

Yes, one of our partners can join the conversation, evaluate the footprint of legacy systems and help you estimate the timeline, resources, and costs needed to migrate off of the legacy platforms such as IBM DataStage, Informatica PowerCenter, MuleSoft, etc.

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