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How Informatica Cloud compares to SnapLogic

Feature comparison for SnapLogic and Informatica Cloud

Informatica Cloud

Migration from PowerCenter

Migration from PowerCenter to SnapLogic results in 50% fewer integrations on average, significantly reducing maintenance time and costs.

Migration is not as easy or pain-free as you may have been led to believe.


Provides more value for money with unlimited executions and predictable pricing.

Is more expensive and unpredictable for enterprises with its consumption pricing.


Democratize integration and modernize 10X faster with the industry’s easiest-to-use GenAI-powered integration co-pilot and accelerate transformation with the powerful GenAI App Builder.

Ramping up on Informatica Cloud is equally as difficult as with PowerCenter. The tool still has the PowerCenter engine and lacks any GenAI-powered assistance when building integrations, which can significantly delay your time-to-market.


SnapLogic provides a single platform for building your app, data, and API integrations and for managing APIs. You also get a single operational view and the power of generative AI to improve your productivity.

Informatica Cloud remains a combination of tools — one each for app integration, data integration, and API management. It does not provide a single operational view and requires three different skill sets.


SnapLogic provides high-performance batch and real-time integrations for massive volumes of data with a lean footprint.

Informatica helps you operate at scale but only with significant resource consumption and high costs.


SnapLogic is a low-code, no-code platform where integration developers as well as non-technical users can build integrations, transform data, and automate data movements and business processes.

Informatica Cloud is very much a tool for integration developers. Non-technical users in your organization will find it too hard to use, reinforcing their reliance on IT, and slowing their time to market.


SnapLogic is a cloud-born iPaaS platform that is the right partner as you embark on your business transformation to prepare for the age of AI.

Cloud-hosted, on-premises engines from yesteryear are not what you want to pay for!

Expect more, get more with SnapLogic

Security & privacy

Built with enterprise-level security and governance in mind, SnapLogic protects customer data through a combination of access controls and encryption.

Flexible deployment

Connects with existing technology ecosystems, including on-premises installs, cloud-hosted applications, and hybrid data environments.

One platform

Enables the configuration and management of data and application integrations and automation through a single pane of glass.

Business insights

The platform’s intuitive interface makes it easy for business users to access data analytics and real-time reporting, and activate automation.

Pre-built connectors

The SnapLogic iPaaS includes 700+ pre-built connectors, Snaps, and integration templates for common business processes and workflows.


Powered with a suite of AI tools for LLM-powered application development, data transformation, and integrations without coding.

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