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Faster Time to Value

With SnapLogic, you can develop more integrations, faster with AI and schema-less mappings. Informatica provides AI-assistance only for mappings and metadata management, not for integrations. It also relies on schema-based mappings leading to brittle integrations.

Unified Platform

SnapLogic provides a robust application integration, data integration, API Management, and Cloud Data Warehouse data loader all in a single user experience, allowing you to simplify your integration architecture. Informatica has distinct user experiences for different integration patterns. These distinct tools also fragment the single operational view that organizations need for their integrations.

Modern, Cloud-born and Hybrid Deployment

SnapLogic was born in the cloud and provides integration runtimes that can be deployed in the cloud or behind your firewall on-premises. Informatica, on the other hand, has two distinct tools for on-premises and cloud integrations. Each tool provides different connectivity and requires a different skill set.


SnapLogic provides simple node-based pricing that is easy to understand and predict. Informatica Intelligent Cloud Service (IICS) burdens customers with high, committed spending while offering consumption pricing that is hard to anticipate.


SnapLogic provides broad connectivity to SaaS applications and on-premises applications. Informatica Power Center lacks connectivity to many key SaaS systems. Additionally, IICS lacks connectors for SAP S/4HANA, Slack, MS Teams, among others.

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