Case Study

Catalyzing Connectivity: SnapLogic Fuels Rhodes College’s Workday Digital Transformation

Rhodes College is a prestigious liberal arts institution located in Memphis, Tennessee. Founded in 1848, Rhodes College has a rich history and a strong commitment to academic excellence, intellectual exploration, and community engagement. They have over 2,070 students and almost 600 employees.

Stacy Pennington, Director of Infrastructure and Enterprise Applications is leading a multi-year effort to move to cloud-based service applications and away from legacy on-prem solutions, which will reduce the number of systems students have to work with and modernize their IT infrastructure.

SnapLogic is a vital component of Rhodes College’s ambitious five-year migration project to transition from legacy systems to Workday. This project encompasses a wide range of critical processes, including student lifecycle management, alumni relationships, financial operations, and more.

Rhodes College SnapLogic Services Architecture

Find out how SnapLogic helped Rhodes College:

  • Reduce legacy on-prem ERP and SIS systems from 22 to 1
  • Unlock analytics for business metrics, student course resourcing, student cafeteria payments, and more
  • Save 50% on costs vs. hiring a Workday implementation partner

Get all the details in “Catalyzing Connectivity: SnapLogic Fuels Rhodes College’s Workday Digital Transformation”.

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