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Unleash the power of your retail data to deliver a connected and personalized customer experience using integrated analytics.

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Drive the optimal customer experience

Customer insights
Inventory management
Supply chain management

Customer insights

Unlock valuable customer insights with SnapLogic’s retail data automation solutions. Automate data collection and analysis from multiple sources, such as CRM and e-commerce platforms and perform analytics to gain a comprehensive view of customer behavior and preferences. Take your retail business to the next level with actionable insights.

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Personalize your retail customer experience. Automate data collection from various sources, such as social media and purchase history, to gain a comprehensive understanding of customer preferences. Use this data to create targeted marketing campaigns, product recommendations and improve the overall customer experience.

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Inventory management

Collect and analyze data from multiple systems, such as POS and warehouse management systems, to gain a real-time view of inventory levels. Use this data to streamline replenishment, prevent stockouts and improve overall inventory management. Optimize your retail inventory management with SnapLogic’s iPaaS solution.

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Supply chain management

Manage your retail supply chain with precision. Integrate data from multiple systems, such as logistics providers and suppliers, to gain a real-time view of supply chain operations. Use this data to improve transportation and inventory management, reduce lead times and increase efficiency.

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How can SnapLogic help?

Connect on-premise and cloud data sources.

Connect securely to data residing at corporate, in your e-commerce site or at the point of sale. Execute that data in your secure network and not the public cloud.

Securely connect to suppliers and distributors.

Produce and consume data to and from your manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, and distributors in a secure, resilient, real-time, and low latency manner.

Analyze and continuously monitor processes.

Collect and analyze data from internal and external sources to monitor and optimize your business using ETL, ELT and reverse ETL solutions.

“It was reassuring to know that every time we had a potential issue I could use SnapLogic to dynamically respond, introduce new automated processes, all without business interruption or delay. Plus, it’s been so quick to do that it has been like having a Porsche within our IT estate.”

Alexandre Hubert, Senior Director of IT Strategy and Logistics at Browns Shoes
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“The reliability and robustness of SnapLogic’s platform have been perfect. We want it to be the central touchpoint of all our IT integrations.”

Brad Woodward, Head of Data at Hush
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“SnapLogic is the future of IT. The speed to integrate and deliver data to business stakeholders is impressive.”

Stephen Mackay, Solutions Architect at George Weston Foods
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“With SnapLogic, you can very clearly see a pipeline of the flow of data and the way it will be transformed through the process in a very visual and easy-to understand way. In addition, the out of the box connectors for key systems like Workday and ServiceNow, can make setting up those initial integrations very quick and simple.”

Gabi Currin, Head of Business Systems at Reece
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