SnapLogic AutoSync

Synchronize your data in minutes to popular cloud data warehouses

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Sync data 20x faster through parallel processing

Accelerate time to value from data integrations and boost business agility with SnapLogic AutoSync. Built on a proven, cloud-native platform, SnapLogic AutoSync delivers automated ingestion of data from SaaS applications into popular cloud data warehouses.

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Take the first step toward cloud data orchestration

Automate the data loading process with pre-packaged integrations, delivered through a simple, guided, easy-to-use interface that empowers all personas to easily access and load data when and where they need it most.

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Without SnapLogic AutoSync

  • Dependent on IT
  • Complex data pipelines take weeks or months to build and deploy
  • Difficult to manage and maintain
  • Legacy approach that limits data delivery efficiency

Using SnapLogic AutoSync

  • Enable all users across your organization
  • Simple pre-packaged pipelines ready to run in minutes
  • No maintenance required
  • Modern, cost-effective solution that solves today’s data-driven challenges

Begin syncing your data in 3 easy steps

Step 1

Choose your data source

Select from common cloud-based apps and data stores

  • Collect data from popular apps that drive your business
  • Enable all persona across your organization
  • Unlock data for quick analysis
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Google BigQuery, Databricks, Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, SAP endpoints
Step 2

Choose your target endpoint

Load into popular cloud data warehouses

  • Leverage the power of the cloud data warehouse
  • Drive results through informed decisions
  • Achieve quicker time-to-value
Step 3

Schedule your frequency

Execute as often as every 1 minute

  • Pipelines ready to execute in minutes
  • Automate the data loading process
  • Set it and forget it
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SnapLogic AutoPrep

Achieve 30X faster time to value vs hand coding

SnapLogic AutoPrep drastically speeds up the process of data preparation by 30x through a wizard-like user experience and AI-driven functions for timely delivery of complex datasets to data and business analysts. Eliminate manual coding and enable self-service within a single Snap that can be incorporated into any SnapLogic pipeline.

snaplogic autprep

Take the pain out of the mundane

Simplify complex data transformations, like flattening nested structures, with the click of a button. Standardize date formats in the blink of an eye. Remove unneeded columns from your dataset and handle null values. All in an intuitive Excel-like interface that displays data changes in real time. SnapLogic AutoPrep automates data transformation tasks to drive efficiency and accelerate data orchestration in the cloud.