API Management
and Development

Design, manage, and govern APIs, at scale

Empower developers to build API products with a click-not-code approach.

APIs enable others to integrate with your products and services, growing a rich ecosystem and boosting your business’s revenue and value to end-user. But your developers do not have time to manually code and manage APIs in an automated world.

API lifecycle management

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SnapLogic API Management (APIM) provides an automated, seamless, “click-not-code,” end-to-end solution for achieving API lifecycle management. It enables you to build a rich digital ecosystem and spur innovation and growth in the form of new API-led products and services. You can expose integrations as APIs, create integrations from OpenAPI specs, create API versions, or publish APIs to external consumers, giving you the ultimate flexibility to implement your API strategy.

Simplify API operations with powerful dashboards

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SnapLogic API Management provides comprehensive API dashboards for you to see the API performance, response times, errors, and most used APIs. You can also drill-down to view details of each API request and identify issues.

Create APIs without a single line of code

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The Intelligent Integration Platform (IIP), SnapLogic’s core integration platform, makes it easy to create APIs by converting complex integration pipelines, running in the cloud or on-premises, into REST APIs. These APIs can shape, combine, and transform data as well as connect a variety of endpoints – databases, ERP systems, cloud applications, etc. – with virtually no coding. By not having to update API calls with manual code, you can achieve a remarkably fast time-to-value.

Design-first or export with the OpenAPI standard

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You can either take a design-first approach with APIs and import OpenAPI specifications to create corresponding integrations in SnapLogic. Alternatively, export APIs created in the platform with OpenAPI specification in JSON or YAML format.

Self-service for API Consumers

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With the developer portal, API consumers can discover and consume APIs seamlessly. API consumers only need access to the developer portal and not the SnapLogic platform to access and consume the APIs. Standard customization allowed on the developer portal enables organizations to help create a better API user experience.

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