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API Management and Development

Design, manage, and secure APIs at scale.

Scale your API strategy

Efficiently create, manage, and secure all your APIs with one solution in a few clicks. Unleash the potential of your microservices, data, and apps to your consumers. Confidently deploy your APIs with “one-click” API testing.

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Screenshot of Privacy Policies for APIs

Secure and govern your APIs

Avoid delays in your API roll-outs and service interruptions due to security incidents. Apply custom or ready-made security policies organization-wide or at an individual API level.

Enable API discovery

Ensure that your API consumers find the right API they need. Easily publish, document, and remove APIs from a customizable API developer portal.

Screen view of API developer portal
Screenshot of Performance Analytics

Performance analytics

Gain critical visibility into business and operational metrics of your APIs to ensure compliance, reliability, and availability. Know which customers are your top consumers and the most used APIs.

API Management Success with SnapLogic



Over 150 companies use SnapLogic APIM to manage thousands of APIs


Time Savings

96% reduction in labor costs for constructing API policies with SnapLogic APIM compared to hand-coding

Want an easy and fast way to build APIs?

SnapLogic offers a unified platform for app integration, data integration and API management.

You can easily create an API by linking a series of Snaps (pre-built connectors) together. Then, just import this series of connectors into SnapLogic APIM to manage and secure. With over 700 Snaps to choose from, it’s easy to create simple workflows or complex business processes between cross-functional work groups.

“SnapLogic APIM provides security and control for our pipelines and services. Discovery and documentation and automation associated with it helps facilitate the citizen integrators, making it easy for them to understand services that we provide.”

Assistant Director of Integration, Boston University


SnapLogic supports 3rd-party APIs, external APIs and internal APIs. All can be managed, secured, and analyzed in SnapLogic APIM.

SnapLogic APIM works on-premises, hybrid, and cloud.

You can apply policies organization-wide or on an individual API basis.

SnapLogic APIM seamlessly integrates with SnapLogic IIP so you can manage all your pipelines through SnapLogic APIM.

See how SnapLogic APIM can help you with your API strategy