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The first generative integration solution to use AI and a large language model to help you integrate and automate, faster.

SnapGPT translates your business intent into action

Businesses are under tremendous pressure to do more with less, faster. SnapGPT helps companies translate business intent into technical delivery, in minutes using cutting-edge generative integration.

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Generative AI-assisted integration and automation

Simply enter instructions in natural language and our generative integration solution, SnapGPT, will leverage a specialized large language model (LLM), trained using petabytes of available integration and automation data, to do the rest.

Fast integration prototype creation

Rapidly create data pipelines and workflow prototypes to automate your work using natural language commands. SnapGPT generates the necessary processing flow, expressions, or scripts needed to help you overcome integration “writer’s block”.

Rapid data extraction and transformation

Generate accurate and effective queries and transform data from one format to another using natural language prompts. SnapGPT can identify patterns and relationships within the data and generate the necessary logic to reduce errors and accelerate the process.

The right LLM for you

SnapLogic supports all popular LLMs, including GPT-3.5 from OpenAI and Anthropic Claude, available on Amazon Bedrock. We’ll work with you to determine the best LLM for your specific use case.

SnapLogic AI

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How SnapGPT can make your job easier

Data Engineers
Human Resources
IT Help Desk Manager

Accelerate time to production for Data Engineers

Data Engineers can easily create workflow and pipeline prototypes, formulate SQL queries, refine mapping expressions, and generate sample data and documentation in natural language to accelerate time to production.

Accelerate time to production for Data Engineers using SnapGPT

Automate business workflows for RevOps

RevOps leaders can now quickly generate pipelines to extract Closed won Salesforce opportunities and load them into Snowflake for analytics. SnapGPT can turn this business user intent into integration in minutes.

Automate business workflows for RevOps using SnapGPT

Bring automation to Human Resources

Human Resource Managers are able to get the exchange rate for the US Dollar to UK Pound for salary parity and load it into Workday. SnapGPT can bring these suggestions to life, providing instant answers to urgent HR issues. With its ability to handle complex HR data tasks, SnapGPT can assist with getting you the data you need for crafting personalized content for employee engagement and communication.

Bring automation to Human Resources using SnapGPT

Analyze issue resolution speed for IT Help Desk Managers

As an IT Help Desk Manager, you’re always looking for ways to leverage technology to improve speed of issue resolution. With a simple prompt, you have access data from issue tracking systems like Atlassian Jira to measure the speed of issue resolution and how it has changed over time.

Analyze issue resolution speed to IT help desk managers using SnapGPT
Nancy Mustachio headshot

“Our team of developers has used SnapGPT to create and test integration workflows in under an hour, compared to days. I foresee SnapGPT will continue to advance and be able to handle more complex integrations. We’re excited to be at the forefront.”

Nancy Mustachio, Director of Enterprise Applications, Barnard College
Del Hines headshot

“I am impressed with SnapGPT’s ability to translate natural language text to quickly build out accurate, end-to-end pipeline templates, which can even improve on the rapid pace of development that SnapLogic already provides.”

Del Hines, Expert IT Solutions Architect, Acxiom


SnapGPT currently supports the option to use either Azure OpenAI GPT3.5-TURBO or Anthropic Claude 1.3 on Amazon Bedrock.

We take security and privacy very seriously and have several mechanisms in place to address them.

  • Customers have the option to opt out or disable SnapGPT.
  • We currently support Azure OpenAI GPT-3.5-Turbo and AWS Bedrock Anthropic Claude 1.3 depending on the type of prompt received. Both of them have strict security and privacy policies.
  • We will only use LLMs that allow us to explicitly prevent them from storing and using data sent to them for training or other purposes.
  • Out of extreme caution, we are only sending patterns and data that SnapLogic owns. We are not even sending customers metadata to these LLMs.
  • The only customer specific information sent to LLMs is the prompt itself and the LLM vendor is strictly prohibited from storing and later using that information for training or other purposes.

Yes. SnapGPT is generally available to our customers as of Jul 26, 2023.

SnapLabs is a dedicated environment for the SnapLogic community to experience unreleased products and features. SnapLabs provides users early access to cutting-edge solutions and the ability to influence the company’s roadmap by providing valuable feedback on product offerings before they are publicly released.  Customers and partners can request access to SnapLabs using this form.  New users can experience the SnapLogic platform and SnapGPT by requesting a free trial.

Generative Integration is an advanced approach to data and application integration that leverages Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs). This innovative method securely automates the creation of integration pipelines, streamlining the process of connecting disparate systems and data sources. By utilizing AI and machine learning capabilities, Generative Integration can understand, interpret, and generate code, significantly reducing manual effort and improving the efficiency and accuracy of data integration tasks.

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