Data Integration (ETL/ELT) and Automation.

Mobilize data at scale to data lakes and cloud data warehouses with visual ETL and ELT.

One platform for ELT/ETL to your data lake and favorite data warehouse. No coding required.

In today’s world, the enterprise that leverages the value of its data the fastest, leads. SnapLogic ETL enables you to source and transform data at scale visually inside a data lake. With the same drag-and-drop functionality, SnapLogic ELT powers you to quickly load data into cloud data warehouses, and then transform data in place.

No more waiting for key insights.

SnapLogic’s low-code/no-code platform makes it easy for data teams to quickly hydrate data lakes, create data pipelines, and empower business teams with insights needed for business decisions that improve customer experiences.

No matter what your experience level with data lakes or data warehouses, SnapLogic empowers data teams to move quickly so you can focus on what the data is telling you.


Low/no code ways to automate your
applications and data integrations

Intelligent Integration Platform

Intelligent Integration Platform

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Automated integration for the agile, hybrid enterprise.

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SnapLogic<br> Flows



Automate workflows for business users in minutes, without code, without IT help.

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Fast Data <br>Loader

Fast Data


Quickly load data from endpoints into your Snowflake, SAP, or Amazon Redshift cloud data warehouse — in just minutes!

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