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Platform Overview

Intelligently integrate, automate, and orchestrate how data and applications flow across your organization.

Empower both business users and developers to create LLM-powered applications and integrations 100X faster. No coding or data scientists required.


Empower both business users and developers to create LLM-powered applications and integrations 100X faster. No coding or data scientists required.

Data Integration

Move data to the cloud with visual ETL or ELT, use reverse ETL to send data back to applications, and activate repeatable automations.

App Integration

Use pre-built connectors (Snaps) and templates (Patterns) for common use cases to automate business processes at scale, without complexity.

API Management

Leverage an easy-to-use full lifecycle API management solution to build an agile composable architecture.

SnapLogic AI

Browse our suite of generative integration tools built to help you integrate, automate, and orchestrate 100X faster.

Platform Features

Security & privacy

Built with enterprise-level security and governance in mind, SnapLogic protects customer data through a combination of access controls and encryption.

Flexible deployment

Connects with existing technology ecosystems, including on-premises installs, cloud-hosted applications, and hybrid data environments.

One platform

Enables the configuration and management of data and application integrations and automation through a single pane of glass.

Pre-built connectors

The SnapLogic iPaaS includes 700+ pre-built connectors, Snaps, and integration templates for common business processes and workflows.


Powered with a suite of AI tools for LLM-powered application development, data transformation, and integrations without coding.

Business insights

The platform’s intuitive interface makes it easy for business users to access data analytics and real-time reporting, and activate automation.

SnapLogic Products

Effortless integration for every innovator, from the business visionary to the architect of data.

All the tools you love, integrated in a Snap

Snaps are pre-built connections that make code-free integrations possible.

With over 700 Snaps to choose from, SnapLogic makes it easy to create simple workflows or complex business processes between cross-functional work groups. Enable your organization to automate entire ecosystems of applications, databases, APIs, data warehouses, devices, and more.


An iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) is a suite of cloud services enabling the development, execution, and governance of application integration, API management, and data integration with the goal of integrating both on-premises and cloud-based systems, services, cloud applications, on-premises apps, and other data sources. These services are typically designed with low-code visual interfaces and templates. Unlike Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) of the past, they are built on a cloud-based infrastructure such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud to serve as a platform for the automation of workflows and to share data between all applications and data sources both within an organization as well as outside. Organizations can use iPaaS to integrate the technology across their whole software ecosystem.

SnapLogic is the only iPaaS solution to include:

  • Native AI with petabytes of metadata 
  • An easy-to-use interface for both technical and business users
  • ETL, ELT and reverse ETL processes managed in one platform
  • App-to-app integration
  • Full lifecycle APIM and developer portals
  • Separate control and data planes for security
  • Scalability for 1,000s of IT and non-IT users

The SnapLogic iPaaS is used by global enterprises and organizations in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, retail, financial services, higher education, food service, healthcare, and technology. Though typically managed by IT, multiple departments can leverage the SnapLogic iPaaS for workflow automation, analytics and reporting, from HR to sales, marketing and finance. Additionally, the SnapLogic iPaaS works as an OEM/embeddable solution that enables independent software providers (ISV), managed services practices (MSP), and professional services organizations (PSO) to offer a standardized, efficient, and reliable data integration solution for interoperability with their customers.

Integration platforms gather data from all sources, which helps to reduce information silos. If you use a data warehouse or multiple data lakes, integration platforms help improve data accuracy because they make it easier to include data from all sources. If a customer interacts with the support team about an issue, and you only analyze data about their interaction with the sales or marketing team, you are not getting the complete picture. Data gathered from all sources results in a more accurate analysis. Additionally, an iPaaS makes it easier to add and remove applications as needed, save time through automation, and strengthen data governance. 

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