Security & Compliance

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The SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform complies with extremely high security and compliance standards, providing customers with secure data integration.

SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud Architecture
The SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform Architecture


While SnapLogic does not store any customer data within the platform, metadata resides in the platform. The metadata is secured inside the protected SnapLogic environment, and only accessed by the SnapLogic Control Plane Services – no access is permitted by any outside service. Additionally, sensitive data, such as account information will be encrypted.

Network and Facilities Infrastructure Security

The SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform supports all application and data integration processes – on-premises, cloud, hybrid, or embedded. SnapLogic consists of a multi-tenant cloud service for creating, managing, and monitoring integrations – data processing can be run in a private cloud and/or behind your firewall.

Communication with Endpoints

Communication between the SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Cloud, the control plane, and the on-premises processing components is established via SSL encryption on port 443. Communication between the control plane and cloud-based processing components is over HTTPS. The SnapLogic platform communicates with the data plane over HTTPS.

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