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Production planning and scheduling
Predictive maintenance
Supply chain management
Demand forecasting

Production planning and scheduling

Integrate and process data from sources such as your data stores, ERP, suppliers and your field IoT devices. Improve decision-making, reduce human errors, and optimize resource utilization. By orchestrating data collection and analysis, you can improve production planning and scheduling, reduce lead times and increase overall efficiency and performance in their operations.

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Predictive maintenance

Reduce downtime and increase efficiency by combining and analyzing data from sensor data, maintenance records and production data to improve equipment performance and predict maintenance needs. Take proactive actions and avoid unexpected downtime by better management of maintenance schedules, inventory and resources. Improve overall equipment efficiency and reduce costs.

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Supply chain management

Automate and orchestrate the process of integrating data from multiple data soruces such as an ERP, CRM, partners, suppliers and logistics systems. Provide a comprehensive view of the supply chain and allow for better visibility, improved decision making, and greater efficiency in managing the flow of goods from suppliers to customers. SnapLogic enables real-time monitoring of inventory levels, production schedules and delivery times, which helps reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

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Demand forecasting

Integrate data from sources such as sales data, inventory data, and production data. Create accurate demand forecasts by analyzing historical data and identifying patterns, trends, and seasonality. Align production schedules with customer demand, improve inventory management, and reduce the risk of stockouts and overproduction. Enable collaboration across different departments and systems and improve your overall demand forecasting process.

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How can SnapLogic help?

Automate business processes

Automate your manufacturing business processes in a reusable manner via a visual drag and drop interface. Share data integrations across the company and enable a faster time to market.

Stream data from IoT devices

Enable real time data streams from IoT devices into your cloud data warehouse. Monitor and activate that data to downstream applications and IoT devices.

Securely communicate with suppliers

Produce and consume data to and from your manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, and distributors in a secure, resilient, real-time, and low latency manner.

“ERP implementations can cause a headache for many businesses as integration can be the source of delays and difficulties. Schoeller Allibert’s introduction of IFS has been an extremely streamlined go-live thanks to the use of SnapLogic’s platform, representing one of the smoothest integration introductions I have seen.”

Yves Dutré, IT Integration Leader, Schoeller Allibert

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