Case Study

Thayer Distribution Moves Data 10X Faster with Self-Service Integration

SnapLogic improves operational efficiency, widens profit margins, and paves path for growth

Thayer Distribution is a technology-driven “redistributor” that serves as a bridge between snack manufacturers and wholesale distributors. Family owned and operated, Thayer went from being a small business based out of the founders’ living room in the 1970s to a full-blown distribution company now serving customers in 14 states.

While looking for ways to widen their thin profit margins, leaders at Thayer examined the company’s operations. In doing so, they discovered inefficiencies within critical data integration processes. Thayer needed a simple yet powerful integration solution to replace its manual, time-intensive approach to moving data. The company was able to do that and more with the SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform.

Learn how SnapLogic helped Thayer:

  • Speed up data integration processes by 10X
  • Streamline operations affecting partners and customers
  • Take on more business and drive growth

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