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Integration Assistant

AutoSuggest (formerly Iris) is a self-learning assistant that continuously helps you enable integrations and automation.

Powerful Recommendation Engine

A helping hand guiding you every step of the way in your integration and automation journey

Guided integration workflow and pipeline construction

AutoSuggest leverages petabytes of integration metadata and machine learning to make intelligent recommendations for next steps. It also suggests Snaps to fill out gaps within your data pipeline. Once you select source and target Snaps, AutoSuggest can even recommend complete integration workflows.

Snap configuration recommendation

AutoSuggest makes data pipeline configuration simpler and more intuitive, the more you use it. Using petabytes of encrypted pipeline metadata and built-in machine learning, AutoSuggest makes predictive recommendations that are specific to your environment.

Mapper expressions recommendation

AutoSuggest makes it easier to set configurations in the Mapper Snap by intelligently recommending expressions to map source fields to target fields.

SnapLogic AI

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The AutoSuggest Integration Assistant is a recommendation engine that leverages petabytes of data and seven years of ML investment to suggest complete integration pipeline workflows based on their names, suggests next integration steps, and suggests sequences of Snaps to fill gaps. SnapGPT builds upon the previous AI/ML investment to provide a natural language co-pilot to turn intentions into integrations. SnapGPT leverages generative AI and large language models (LLMs) like GPT and Claude to allow enterprises to integrate even faster.

AutoSuggest is included in the SnapLogic platform and currently does not require any additional investment.

AutoSuggest uses machine learning to make its recommendations. It currently does not use Generative AI or Large Language Models.

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