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SnapLogic AutoPrep

Speed up your data projects and relieve your IT team from data prep and cleansing tasks.

Stop manual coding and save time

SnapLogic AutoPrep dramatically speeds up data preparation and cleansing tasks, up to 10X faster and more. By eliminating the need for manual coding, you’ll have more time to focus on strategic projects and get faster delivery of datasets to create data products.

Take the pain out of the mundane

From simple formatting to complex data transformations, AutoPrep gives you the power to harness and manage your data in real time, all in a familiar, intuitive spreadsheet format. Included with the Transformation Snap, AutoPrep can be incorporated into any SnapLogic pipeline.

Make data prep easy for
non-technical users

Relieve busy integration specialists and bring self-service to the broader organization, so cross-departmental stakeholders can prepare data for their specific initiatives. SnapLogic AutoPrep automates data transformation tasks to drive efficiency across the enterprise and accelerate data orchestration in the cloud.

  • Remove nulls
  • Flatten nested structures
  • Reformat dates
  • Mask PII data and more
  • Up to 10X faster
  • AutoSuggest ready

SnapLogic AI

Browse our suite of generative integration tools built to help you integrate, automate, and orchestrate 100X faster.

Looking to simplify your data integration?

SnapLogic AutoSync

Synchronize your data in minutes

Accelerate time to value and boost business agility. SnapLogic AutoSync delivers automated ingestion of data from SaaS applications into popular cloud data warehouses.

Data Integration and Automation

Mobilize data to the cloud with visual ETL or ELT and use reverse ETL to send data to your apps. Orchestrate data flows across your organization with ease and accelerate your data analytics projects for everyone.

SnapLogic has been recognized as a 2023 Customers’ Choice for Data Integration Tools.


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