Case Study

How Global Payments Company Vitesse Banked On SnapLogic To Turn a Complex Integration Process Into Success

Founded in 2014 by a team of fintech entrepreneurs, Vitesse is now an FCA-regulated payments business, providing treasury management and global payment services to customers across the insurance sector. The company’s innovative, secure payments platform makes the payments process faster, more transparent, and cost-effective.

With the goal of onboarding more clients, the company would have to create an entire internal team to manually process payment data to keep up with demand. This would take developers away from their current and planned projects, and impede progress toward scaling their business up.

With help from SnapLogic, Vitesse has:

  • Reduced dependency on the internal development team
  • Automated their payments process for quicker customer access
  • Eliminated bottlenecks in the customer onboarding process

Download the Vitesse case study to learn more.

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