SnapLogic API Managment


Seize the digital economy with a clicks-not-code API strategy

Organizations realize that attaining digital business success requires IT leaders to harness a complex sprawl of data from hybrid and multi-cloud environments. APIs touch just about everything internally and externally – systems must be connected across the organization and able to communicate with partners while delivering exceptional experiences to customers. APIs provide access to not only the backend systems but also to modern applications and services running in almost any environment.

With SnapLogic API Management, organizations gain:

  • Ability to build APIs with Design First or turn any pipeline into a REST API without any code
  • Lifecycle API management to manage, version, scale, control API consumption, govern, and more
  • The power and flexibility to take on end-to-end digital transformation quickly and easily with API consumer self-service
  • Capability to track API performance and proactively identify issues with a comprehensive API Dashboard

To learn more about SnapLogic API Management, download the data sheet.


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