Pre-Built Intelligent Connectors

The SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform provides more than 600 intelligent pre-built connectors called Snaps.  IT and business leaders who need to connect endpoints can generally find a Snap to meet the task. We’ve listed all Snap Packs below. Read to learn more about Snaps or click on a Snap Pack logo to learn more about the Snaps available in each pack.

SnapLogic offers pre-built and reusable integration workflow templates via the SnapLogic Patterns Catalog to help speed up your integration projects.

Birst Snap Pack

The Birst Snap Pack connects SnapLogic to the Birst analytics system and its contents.

analytics saas

Box Snap Pack

The Box Snap Pack helps integrate Box into the organization.

enterprise saas

Cassandra Snap Pack

The Cassandra Snap Pack executes arbitrary CQL statements or queries and fetches data from a Cassandra database.

big-data data database

Catalog Reader/Writer

Catalog Reader/Writer Snaps let you view the metadata and any related information in executed pipelines.

big-data data

Confluent Snap Pack

The Confluent Snap Pack produces and consumes messages, and prevents message loss from Confluent streaming platform.

data saas

Copybook Snap

The Copybook Snap consumes COBOL Copybook templates and produces a JSON-formatted message containing the structured payload.

apis-protocols enterprise

Core Snaps

The Core Snaps transforms, cleanses, formats, and connects data without the need to build and code integrations.


Coupa Snap Pack

The Coupa Snap Pack gives users complete visibility and control of their business spend and empowers use cases such as ...

enterprise saas

CSV Snap

The CSV Snap supports read and write capabilities on files delimited by single characters or arbitrary strings.

apis-protocols core-snaps

Data Catalog Snap Pack

The Data Catalog Snap Pack improves the visibility and transparency of an organization's data.


Eloqua Snap Pack

The Eloqua Snap Pack pushes new emails and data into Eloqua from a variety of applications.

enterprise saas

Email Snap

The Email Snap is used to prepare, send, and read emails (e.g., plain text, HTML).

apis-protocols core-snaps

Essbase Snap Pack

The Essbase Snap Pack extracts data from multiple cube dimensions for reporting and analytics.

core-snaps database

Expensify Snap Pack

The Expensify Snap Pack integrates Expensify with other finance and accounting solutions.

enterprise saas

Field Cryptography Snap Pack

The Field Cryptography Snap Pack encrypts and decrypts field values or entire documents.

apis-protocols core-snaps

File Operation Snap

The File Operation Snap is a Write Snap that improves pipeline building for ETL transformations and data flows.


Filter Snap

The Filter Snap provides the ability to filter records out of any data stream.

apis-protocols core-snaps

Fixed Width Reader/Writer Snap

The Fixed Width Reader/Writer Snap reads and writes data in fixed-width sources.

apis-protocols core-snaps

Flow Snap Pack

The Flow Snap Pack is critical for data flows between applications. This Snap is part of the Core Snap Pack.

apis-protocols core-snaps

Google Analytics Snap

The Google Analytics Snap reads data from Google Analytics for analysis and decision-making.

analytics saas

Google BigQuery Snaps

The Google BigQuery Snaps load, process, and make interactive data visualizations.

big-data enterprise

Google Directory Snaps

The Google Directory Snaps enable users to perform administrative operations on users, groups, organizational units in a G Suite account.

database enterprise

Google Sheets Snap Pack

The Google Sheets Snap Pack provides access to Google Sheets.

enterprise saas

Hadoop Snap Pack

The Hadoop Snap Pack lets you tap into big data projects to gain contextual business insights.

big-data data

Hadoop Zip File Snaps

The Hadoop Zip File Snaps are part of the Hadoop Snap Pack.

big-data data

HDFS Reader/Writer Snaps

The HDFS Reader/Writer Snaps support read and write capabilities on files delimited by single characters or arbitrary strings on ...

big-data data

Hive Snap Pack

The Hive Snap Pack can be used to conduct analysis on data stored in HDFS.

big-data data

HubSpot Snap Pack

HubSpot Snap Pack allows you to integrate customer and lead data in the HubSpot platform with other key systems of ...

analytics database enterprise

JDBC Snap Pack

The JDBC Snap Pack selects, inserts, updates, deletes, and truncates records in a database.

apis-protocols core-snaps


The JIRA Snap allows create, get, and delete entities from Jira environment using Connection-Component, Create-Component, Get-Component, and Delete-Component.

enterprise erp

JMS Snap Pack

The JMS Snap Pack enables communication between applications without code.

apis-protocols enterprise

JSON Reader Snap

The JSON Reader Snap provides reading capabilities for JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) data.

apis-protocols core-snaps

JSON Web Token Snap Pack

The JSON Web Token Snap Pack enables the platform to handle various JWT authentication schemes, allowing users to have a ...

apis-protocols core-snaps

LDAP Snap Pack

Use the LDAP Snap Pack to add, delete, or modify attributes, and search for items on the LDAP Server.

apis-protocols enterprise

Marketo Snap Pack

Marketo Snap Pack allows you to quickly and seamlessly sync your assets and leads data across Marketing, Sales, and other ...


Metadata Snap Pack

The Metadata Snap Pack can list assets in a project and perform a series of actions, including create, read, update, ...

apis-protocols core-snaps

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Snap Pack

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Snap Pack provides access to all business entities exposed through MS Dynamics 365 web services.

enterprise saas

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Operations (AX) Snap Pack

The Microsoft Dynamics AX Snap Pack business users can make better decisions on product and inventory planning, financial forecasts, human ...


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Snap Pack

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Snap Pack provides access to all business entities exposed through MS Dynamics web-services.

enterprise on-premise saas

Microsoft Exchange Online

Microsoft Exchange Online Snap Pack allows you to communicate, collaborate with your team members, and get notified of events in ...

enterprise saas

Microsoft Exchange Snaps

The Microsoft Exchange Snaps create a 360-degree view an organization's customers.

enterprise on-premise saas

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive Snap Pack allows you to automate management, collaboration, and sharing of content across your business.

enterprise saas

Microsoft Power BI Snap Pack

Microsoft Power BI Snap Pack allows you seamlessly to connect hundreds of data sources and bring your data to life.

analytics database enterprise

Microsoft SharePoint Snap Pack

Microsoft SharePoint Snap Pack allows you to create, manage content for collaboration across the organization. 

enterprise saas

Microsoft Teams Snap Pack

Microsoft Teams Snap Pack allows you to easily integrate Microsoft Teams into enterprise workflows for customers, employees, and team communication.


ML Analytics Snap Pack

The ML Analytics Snap Pack creates better training datasets for your machine learning models faster.

analytics big-data

ML Core Snap Pack

The ML Core Snap Pack accelerates the building, training, and testing of your machine learning model.

analytics big-data

ML Data Preparation Snap Pack

The ML Data Preparation Snap Pack automates various data preparation tasks for a machine learning model.

analytics big-data

MongoDB Snap Pack

The MongoDB Snap Pack reads, writes, and deletes files in MongoDB and the retrieved data can be used for analysis.

data database

MQTT Snap Pack

The MQTT Snap Pack enables users to connect devices and things to applications to analyze data and understand the meaning ...


MySQL Snap

The MySQL Snap can connect to a MySQL database and achieve read and write access to its objects.

data database

Natural Language Processing Snap Pack

The Natural Language Processing Snap Pack performs operations in natural language processing.

analytics core-snaps

NetSuite Snap Pack

The NetSuite Snap Pack provides read and write access to all the standard and custom records defined in your NetSuite ...

enterprise erp saas

OpenAir Snap

The OpenAir Snap provides SnapLogic read and write access to the OpenAir system.

enterprise erp

OpenAPI Snap Pack

OpenAPI Snap Pack allows you to efficiently integrate any endpoint that adheres to the OpenAPI specification without the need for ...


Oracle Snap Pack

The Oracle Snap Pack connects to your Oracle database and achieves read and write access to its objects.

data database

Parquet Read/Write Snaps

The Parquet Read/Write Snaps are for business leads who need rich and relevant data for reporting and analytics purposes, ...

big-data data

PostgreSQL Snap Pack

The PostgreSQL Snap Pack connects your PostgreSQL database and allows read and write access to its objects.

analytics data database

RabbitMQ Snaps

Use the RabbitMQ Snaps to connect devices and things to applications, analyze data, and understand the meaning behind the data


Reltio Snap Pack

The Reltio Snap Pack allows users to integrate data from different applications in the Reltio application.

analytics data enterprise


The REST Snap imports and exports critical data and statistics to and from any HTTP web source.

apis-protocols core-snaps

Salesforce Snap Pack

The Salesforce Snap Pack gives users a 360-degree visibility of their CRM data.

enterprise saas

SAP HANA Snap Pack

The SAP HANA Snap Pack connects SAP HANA and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud with on-premises and cloud applications and other ...

data database

SAP S/4HANA Snap Pack

The SAP S/4HANA Snap Pack connects enterprise systems of record with this popular SAP ERP.

enterprise erp

SAP Snap

The SAP Snap provides BAPI and RFC level connectivity to the SAP ERP system modules such as FICO.

database enterprise

SAP SuccessFactors Snap Pack

The SAP SuccessFactors Snap Pack gives organizations an ability to efficiently automate employee workflows from hire to retire.

enterprise saas

Script Snap Pack

This Script Snap Pack is part of the Core Snaps.

apis-protocols core-snaps

Sequence Snap

The Sequence Snap is used to generate a sequence of numbers.

apis-protocols core-snaps

ServiceNow Snap

The ServiceNow Snap extracts data programmatically from ServiceNow using the HTTP GET request.

enterprise saas

Shopify Snap Pack

Shopify Snap Pack allows you to easily integrate with the leading e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems.

enterprise saas


Slack Snap Pack allows you to communicate, collaborate with your team members, and get notified of events in other applications.

enterprise saas

SnapLogic Directory Integration OAuth application

The SnapLogic Directory Integration OAuth application powers the Google Directory Snap Pack.

Snowflake Snap Pack

The Snowflake Snap Pack reads, writes, and deletes data in Snowflake and can be pushed back into databases for analysis.

data database


The SOAP Snap enables users to call a SOAP endpoint using the incoming data and write a SOAP response.

apis-protocols core-snaps

Sort Snap

The Sort Snap allows you to sort through your data to integrate valuable data with your applications.

apis-protocols core-snaps

Spark SQL Snap Pack

The Spark SQL Snap Pack formats data from HDFS, Parquet, ORC, CSV, and more, to manage data within a big ...

big-data data

Splunk Snap Pack

The Splunk Snap Pack can execute a search query within Splunk and write data to a given Splunk index.

analytics saas

SQL Server Snap Pack

The SQL Server Snap connects to your SQL Server database and achieves read and write access to its objects.


Sumo Logic Snap Pack

The Sumo Logic Snap Pack allows IT professionals to search for jobs in Sumo Logic and archive them to other ...


Tableau Snap Pack

The Tableau Snap Pack enables you to access the Tableau application and its standard and custom objects.

analytics saas

Teradata Snap Pack

The Teradata Snap Pack quickly move large amounts of data into Teradata or provides an easy migration path from Teradata ...

data database

Transform Snap Pack

The Transform Snap Pack transforms, parses, cleanses, and formats data from binary data to document data.

analytics apis-protocols core-snaps

Twilio Snap Pack

Twilio Snap Pack allows you to engage customers on any channel, (i.e. chat, email, or voice call) at any ...

analytics database enterprise saas

Unique Snap

The Unique Snap filters out duplicate records.

apis-protocols core-snaps

Vertica Snap Pack

The Vertica Snap Pack connects to the Vertica database to enable read and write access to its objects.

big-data data

Workday Prism Snap

Workday Prism is an analytics platform that lets organizations bring data in at scale from any source and then prepare, ...

analytics data

Workday Snap Pack

The Workday Snap Pack integrates and exposes access to the Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) and Workday Financial Management systems.

enterprise saas

Xactly Snap Pack

The Xactly Snap Pack users can integrate their sales data from Xactly to other sales and finance applications and databases ...

enterprise saas

XML Read/Write Snap

the XML Read/Write Snap supports read and write capabilities on XML files.

apis-protocols core-snaps

Zuora Snap

The Zuora Snap connects business applications and populates rich data into Zuora.

enterprise saas

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