System Integration Services in a Snap

SnapLogic Snaps are modular collections of integration components built for a specific application or data source. Snaps shield both business users and developers from much of the complexity of the underlying application, data model, and service. Snaps are easy to build and modify, and are based on an open and standardized development environment.

Below are some good examples of the types of Snaps available for the SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud. Be sure to also check out our primary Applications Snaps and Analytics Snaps.

Contact us to find out if we have a Snap for a specific application, database or technology you’re working with today.

  1. Concur


    The Concur Snap is used to read data from and write data to Concur, a business travel and expense management software...
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  2. Birst


    This Snap connects Birst to the SnapLogic ecosystem. Use the Birst Snap to bring practically any data into the Birst...
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  3. Box


    SnapLogic has comprehensive Box capabilities. From an administrative perspective, customers can use the Box Snap to...
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  4. LDAP


    The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is an open, vendor-neutral, industry standard application protocol...
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  5. Eloqua


    Marketing professionals from large Fortune 100 companies to start-ups rely on Eloqua to generate their revenues. Use...
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  6. Foursquare


    The Foursquare Snap provides read access to Foursquare data Foursquare is a location-based mobile platform that makes...
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  7. XML Read/Write

    XML Read/Write

    Read and write data from XML sources. This Snap supports a variety of XML sources, and can be used on both local...
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  8. Zuora


    Use the Zuora Snap to access the Zuora application and its standard objects and custom fields. This Snap is populated...
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  9. ServiceNow


    The current version of the Snap for ServiceNow supports ServiceNow Connection, ServiceNow Reader and a ServiceNow...
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  10. JIRA


    The JiraSnap provides create,get, and delete operation on Jira Environment. Use the JiraSnap to integrate Jira...
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    Use the Salesforce Snap to access the Salesforce application and its standard and custom objects. This Snap is...
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  12. MySQL


    The MySQL Snap provides read and write access to all objects in your custom MySQL database. This Snap is equipped...
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  13. Filter


    This snap provides the ability to filter records out of the data stream Integrate the valuable data with your...
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  14. Amazon DynamoDB

    Amazon DynamoDB

    Amazon DynamoDB is a fast and flexible NoSQL database service for applications that need consistent, single-digit...
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  15. Cassandra


    Apache Cassandra is a scalable, distributed NoSQL database designed to handle large datasets. The Cassandra Snap Pack...
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  16. HDFS Read/Write

    HDFS Read/Write

    Use the HDFS Snap to read/write to the HDFS file system in delimited format. A variety of delimiters can be used....
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  17. Kafka


    The SnapLogic Snap Pack for the Apache Kafka message broker makes it simple to create data pipelines for stream...
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  18. JSON Read/Write

    JSON Read/Write

    The JSON Reader Snap provides reading capabilities for Java Script Object Notation(JSON) data. The JSON Reader Snap...
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  19. OpenAir


    The OpenAir Snap provides SnapLogic read and write access to the OpenAir system using the OpenAir XML API. Focus your...
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  20. NetSuite


    Integrate both predefined and custom NetSuite objects with your Corporate Accounting, ERP, CRM, and eCommerce...
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  21. Email Snap

    Email Snap

    Use this snap to prepare (e.g. Plain Text, HTML), send, and read emails. The Email Snap allows the preparation,...
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  22. Oracle


    The Oracle Snap provides read and write access to all objects in your custom Oracle database. This Snap is equipped...
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  23. Trilium Software

    Trilium Software

    The Trillium Snap makes it easy to use Trillium’s powerful data quality services. The Snap data quality tool allows...
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  24. Unique


    This component filters out duplicate records. Here ‘duplicate’ is defined as the records that have the...
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  25. Facebook


    Use the Facebook Snap to integrate data from your social network for your business and application needs. The Snap...
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  26. CSV Read/Write

    CSV Read/Write

    Read and write delimited files including, but not limited to, comma-separated files. This Snap supports a variety of...
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  27. REST


    Use this Snap to put or post data to HTTP endpoints. Import and export critical data and statistics to and from any...
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  28. Sort


    Use this Snap to sort your data Integrate the valuable data with your corporate decision-making applications....
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  29. Sequence


    The Sequence Snap is used to generated a sequence of numbers. The Sequence Snap is used to generated a sequence of...
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  30. SQL Server

    SQL Server

    The SQL Server Snap provides read and write access to all objects in your custom SQL Server database. This Snap is...
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  31. LinkedIn


    Use the LinkedIn Snap to integrate important data from your LinkedIn network for your business and application needs....
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  32. Twitter


    The Twitter Snap can be used to read peer updates, search tweets using a query string, return statuses of users from...
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  33. Copybook


    The Copybook Snap will consume one or more COBOL Copybook templates and a data source, and produce a JSON formatted...
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  34. Anaplan


    Instead of building complex integrations between point solutions and legacy systems, use the Anaplan Snap to connect...
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  35. Field Cryptography

    Field Cryptography

    Organizations can now protect sensitive data at a granular level using the Field Encryption and Decryption Snaps. The...
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  36. Confluent


    The Confluent Platform is a free, open-source streaming platform based on Apache Kafka, designed to help companies...
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  37. Workday


    The Workday Snap Pack provides read, write and delete access to objects in Workday. These Snaps expose the Workday...
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  38. Teradata


    Teradata offers big data analytics solutions, integrated marketing applications, and services that help organizations...
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  39. Transform


    The Transform Snaps help organizations transform, parse, cleanse and format data from binary data to document data so...
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  40. SAP


    With the SnapLogic SAP Snap, SAP can be integrated with any third-party solutions for which SnapLogic has...
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