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AlloyDB Snap Pack

AlloyDB Snap Pack provides out-of-the-box connectivity to this Postgres compatible database in the Google Cloud.

Businesses use AlloyDB for PostgreSQL to manage their customer and internal data across the organization. While businesses have data readily available, they cannot retrieve valuable data from their AlloyDB for PostgreSQL cloud database into other systems of record. As a result, companies are challenged in making informed, real-time business decisions.

The AlloyDB Snap Pack connects to your AlloyDB’s Postgres compatible database and allows read and write access to its objects. You can retrieve data from a table and easily lookup records in the target table and return a selected set of fields. By using the AlloyDB Snap Pack, you are able to connect your PostgreSQL database to cloud-based and on-premises solutions for real-time analysis.

The AlloyDB Snap Pack includes the following pre-built Snaps:

  • Delete: Delete a database entry
  • Execute: Execute an SQL query
  • Insert: Insert a new row of data
  • Lookup: Lookup data based on a key
  • Select: Select data based on the specified criteria
  • Table List: List tables in the database
  • Update: Update a database table
  • Bulk Load: Load data in bulk