Google BigQuery Snaps

The Google BigQuery Snaps load, process, and make interactive data visualizations.

Key Features of the Google BigQuery Snaps

All types of organizations use Google’s BigQuery to process large data files to find meaningful insights. These organizations use the Google BigQuery Snap to load, process, and make interactive data visualizations. Make sense of your data from BigQuery by delivering data faster to BI and analytics applications.

Google BigQuery Snaps include:

  • Execute
  • Write
  • Bulk Load (Cloud Storage)
  • Bulk Load (Streaming)

Read our blog post for more details:
SnapLogic and Google BigQuery – Bulk loading for high-speed analytics

“Build your integrations faster by leveraging patterns in the SnapLogic community for the Google Big Query Snaps here.

Learn more about how Snaps work with the SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform here.

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