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Google Analytics 4 Snap Pack

The Google Analytics 4 Snap Pack reads data from Google Analytics 4 for analysis and decision-making.

Key Features of the Google Analytics 4 Snap

Use the Google Analytics 4 Snap Pack to harness the power in the masses of data collected by Google Analytics 4 about your Web site usage, and make that data easy to analyze and integrate into your corporate decision-making. Easily access valuable metrics to understand visitors’ usage and search patterns of your website, gauge the success of your ad campaigns, understand what content is impactful, evaluate referring websites, and track your e-commerce activity.

With this Snap Pack, you can automate business processes such as

  • Create reports about your website traffic e.g. which of your site pages receives the most views, where do users spend the most time, and which ad campaigns are performing well
  • Create reports about site referrals, so you can gauge which sites are most effective in bringing interested visitors to your website. 
  • Create real-time reports, if you have an e-commerce site, so that you can get up-to-date information about the transaction details by each transaction ID, including transaction revenue, shipping costs, and taxes.

This Snap Pack contains two Snaps

  • Create Report: Create a report about your Google Analytics data
  • Create Real-time Report: Create a report based on Google Analytics real-time event data 

Learn more about the Google Analytics 4 Snap Pack, check out the documentation here.