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Vertica Snap Pack

The Vertica Snap Pack connects to the Vertica database to enable read and write access to its objects.

Key Features of the Vertica Snap Pack

Integrate your customer database applications with other corporate systems with the pre-built Snaps available in SnapLogic. Use the Vertica Snap Pack to connect to your Vertica database and achieve read and write access to its objects.

By using the Vertica Snap Pack, you can lookup and select records, insert, update, and merge records, and perform bulk loads and updates.

The Vertica Snap Pack includes the following:

  • Bulk Load
  • Bulk Upsert
  • Delete
  • Execute
  • Insert
  • Lookup
  • Merge
  • Multi Execute
  • Select
  • Table List
  • Update

Learn more about how Snaps work with the SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform here.