Jira is an issue management software for project management and issue tracking. Jira is owned by Atlassian.

Key Features of the JIRA Snap

Organizations use JIRA to track product and service issues for customer and internal support. However, the tracking system requires complete information for organizations to provide high levels of service. The JIRASnap enables users to integrate data from multiple sources into Jira to optimize productivity.

The JIRA Snap allows create, get, and delete entities from Jira environment using Connection-Component, Create-Component, Get-Component, and Delete-Component. The Snap supports:

  • Operations such as the creation of issueLink, attachments, search, transitions, votes, and watchers of Jira environment.
  • The Get component: used to fetch data of entities like status, priority, worklog, issueType, serverInfo, comment, search, issueLinkType, project, user, resolution, issue, transitions, votes, watchers, version, component from Jira environment.
  • The Delete component: used to delete votes and watchers entities of Jira.

The Snap also adds capabilities like error checking in output views, as well as a valid authentication before the execution of each pipeline.

Learn more about how Snaps work with the SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud here.

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