The Java Message Service (JMS) API, is a Message Oriented Middleware (MOM) API that allows applications to create, send, receive, and read messages using reliable, asynchronous, loosely coupled communication. With JMS, software components can indirectly communicate with each other.

Key Features of the JMS Snap Pack

Organizations rely on flow of information between applications in real-time. With rich, integrated information, organizations can take action on uncovered insights. In order to achieve this, JMS software applications must be able to communicate with one another through messages.

The JMS Snap Pack enables communication between applications without code. You can create JMS messages from incoming JSON documents and retrieve JMS messages. The JMS API supports two models: point-to-point (PTP) and publish and subscribe (pub/sub).  

JMS Application Integration

The JMS Snaps include:

  • Acknowledge
  • Consumer
  • Producer

You must have a JMS provider that can manage sessions, queues, and topics in order to use the JMS Snap Pack.

Learn more about how Snaps work with the SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud here.

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