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Box Snap Pack

The Box Snap Pack helps integrate Box into the organization.

Key Features of the Box Snap Pack

The Box Snap Pack has comprehensive Box integration capabilities. From an administrative perspective, customers can use the Box Snap to automate user provisioning and group permissions. Admins can also leverage the Snap’s support for Box service accounts to manage multiple users for shared resources. From a file-sharing perspective, SnapLogic’s Box Read and Write Snaps allow customers to use Box as their default file storage and sharing service by allowing them to easily move documents in and out of Box.

The Snap requires no additional configuration within Box. After installation, SnapLogic analyzes the Box software system and defines metadata fields corresponding to the APIs in Box.

The Snaps in the Box Snap Pack include:

  • Box Add Folder
  • Box Create Group
  • Box Create User
  • Box Directory Browser
  • Box File Operations
  • Box Permissions
  • Box Read
  • Box Update User
  • Box Write

Build your integrations faster by leveraging patterns for the Box Snap Pack in the SnapLogic Community.

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