NetSuite offers cloud based solutions for ERP, CRM, e-commerce, PSA, and HCM.

Key Features of the NetSuite Snap Pack

The NetSuite Snap Pack provides out-of-the-box support for easy integration and real-time synchronization of your NetSuite leads, contacts, and prospects with your current corporate accounting, ERP, CRM, and e-commerce applications. SnapLogic enables the most efficient use of NetSuite’s capabilities.

The NetSuite Snaps provide read and write access to all the standard and custom records defined in your NetSuite installation. The data available through SnapLogic includes common record types such as contacts, accounts, opportunities, and cases. Common building blocks supported by the Snap Pack include Connection, Attach Record, Attach Contact, and Detach Record. For each NetSuite record type that supports them, SnapLogic provides read, insert, update, lookup, and initialize capabilities.

The Snap comes configured with all the data fields available from the record type in question. You can either use the Snap directly or use its building blocks as templates by duplicating and modifying them to define different interactions within the data.

  • Provides read/write access between SnapLogic and Netsuite
  • Provides SnapLogic access to available records in NetSuite
  • Uses the NetSuite web services interface for connectivity between SnapLogic and NetSuite
  • Detects custom record types that have been defined in NetSuite
  • Detects some custom fields added to existing record types in NetSuite and a utility to manually specify the remaining custom fields that cannot be automatically detected
  • Supports config-file batch changes to the Snap
  • Supports NetSuite datetime field values in the UTC time zone

NetSuite Application Integration

The NetSuite Snap Pack also offer asynchronous services to allow NetSuite to process the data while the application continues executing and improve the speed of NetSuite responses when inserting, updating, or deleting many records at a time.

Learn more about how Snaps work with the SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud here.

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