ML Analytics Snap Pack

Create better training datasets for your machine learning models faster with the ML Analytics Snap Pack.

Key features of the ML Analytics Snap Pack

The ML Analytics Snap Pack enables you to quickly and easily perform analytic operations on your data. It helps you create better training datasets for your machine learning models faster.

ML Analytics Snap Pack includes the following Snaps:

  • Profile (data profiling): Generate statistical information for the input dataset.
  • Type Inspector: Analyze the data types present in the dataset.

Use statistics about your data to create better training datasets and improve your model

The Profile Snap, which offers data profiling, gives you a summary of the characteristics of your raw data when creating a training dataset for your model. Profiling helps you spot errors, understand the data distribution structure, and determine if you even want to use certain data preparation techniques to sample, scale, and/or cleanse your dataset. High-quality training sets result in high-quality models.

The ML Snap Packs are included in SnapLogic Data Science, an extension of the Enterprise Integration Cloud that provides a visual drag-and-drop approach to developing and deploying machine learning models. Check out our other ML Snap Packs: ML Core Snap Pack and ML Data Preparation Snap Pack.

Learn more about the ML Analytics Snap Pack in the blog post, “SnapLogic November 2018 Release: Revolutionize your business with intelligent integration.”

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