SnapLogic November 2018 Release: Revolutionize your business with intelligent integration

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We are thrilled to announce the general availability of the November 2018, 4.15 release of the SnapLogic integration platform. This release introduces several new solutions including SnapLogic Data Science, SnapLogic API Management, and SnapLogic for B2B Integration. It also includes core platform enhancements and new feature-rich Snaps.

These powerful new capabilities will enable CIOs and IT teams to simplify and speed up their application integration, data integration, and data science projects on a single, scalable platform.

SnapLogic Data Science: Speed up machine learning development

SnapLogic Data Science is a self-service solution that enables enterprises to rapidly build and deploy machine learning (ML) models from beginning to end. Through SnapLogic’s drag-and-drop interface, data engineers, data scientists, and IT/DevOps teams can easily manage and control the entire machine learning lifecycle, from data acquisition, data exploration and preparation, model training and validation, all the way through to model deployment.

At SnapLogic, we believe machine learning is an integration problem. Building and training machine learning models requires an exorbitant amount of time on gathering data from disparate systems and applications and then cleaning that data so it’s in the right format for training the model. Data engineers and data scientists spend most of their time solving data integration challenges. While current ML offerings in the market help automate model training and validation, they do not help with the time-consuming integration challenges.

SnapLogic Data Science helps at every stage of the ML lifecycle. It not only accelerates model training and validation, but it also speeds up data sourcing, data cleansing, and the deployment of your model. SnapLogic Data Science makes data engineering and data science teams more productive and increases the success of machine learning projects. What’s more, it enables enterprises to achieve a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) by decreasing the time it takes to deploy models from days to hours. Watch the video to learn how SnapLogic Data Science can help jumpstart your data science projects.

Data engineer and data scientist workflow chart
Figure 1: Data engineers and data scientists spend a majority of their time on activities outside of model building and validation.

SnapLogic for B2B Integration: Automate transactions with trading partners

SnapLogic for B2B Integration helps automate transaction processes between trading partners and makes it easier to store processed documents in cloud applications, including cloud data warehouses, ERP systems, CRM solutions, and more. With a B2B gateway, SnapLogic helps organizations transact with partners using industry-standard document formats and protocols.

Organizations enjoy higher levels of productivity as B2B specialists spend less time maintaining legacy B2B integration solutions. What’s more, line-of-business managers and citizen integrators can speed up their business processes without having to wait for their technical counterparts to manage transaction workflows with suppliers and buyers.

SnapLogic for B2B Integration: Order processing with EDI
Figure 2: Retail use case: automate transaction processes and speed up partner onboarding with SnapLogic for B2B Integration.

SnapLogic API Management: Optimize your API strategy with a complete digital ecosystem

Through SnapLogic’s unified platform, customers can create APIs without manually writing code, automate business processes, connect applications, and more. Organizations can accelerate the building of their digital ecosystem and achieve full lifecycle API management with SnapLogic’s API Management. This enables employees, customers, and partners to maximize the use of APIs, catalyze innovation in products and services, enhance customer experiences, and manage API access. SnapLogic API Management helps organizations with API traffic control, developer management, advanced analytics, threat detection, and more. Visit the SnapLogic API Management webpage to learn more.

Data Catalog Service: Increase data governance across the enterprise

We are expanding our data governance capabilities with the new Data Catalog service. Customers can increase their transparency and visibility into their organization’s metadata and data stored in their data lakes. Customers can simply use a set of Catalog Reader/Writer Snaps to view their metadata. Watch the video to learn more about the Data Catalog.

Connect Workday Prism Analytics

Last month at Workday Rising, we announced our extended partnership in connecting data sources into Workday Prism Analytics. Organizations that historically made decisions based on the data from their Workday HCM and ERP systems can obtain richer business insights and make better decisions with additional information outside of their Workday platform. As a longstanding partner, we offer the Workday Prism Snap Pack to help organizations obtain richer business insights by moving large volumes of data from third-party platforms –, SAP, Marketo, Adobe, NetSuite, and more – into Workday Prism Analytics. HR and finance leaders can improve collaboration with other departments and gain contextual insight to improve talent recruitment programs, revenue forecasting, departmental budget allocations, and more. Watch the video to learn more about Workday Prism Snap Pack.

Data analytics and data integration enhancements

  • Anaplan Snap Pack: All Anaplan Snaps are enhanced with retry capabilities, plus, the Anaplan Snap Pack has been updated to support Anaplan’s latest platform version (2.0). Visit the Anaplan Snap page to learn more.
  • Snowflake Snap Pack: The new Snowflake Multi Execute Snap allows users to execute multiple SQL queries with a single Snap. Snowflake SCD Type 2 Snap enables users to retain historical data. We have also improved the Snowflake Bulk Upsert Snap’s performance. Learn more on how to benefit from the Snowflake Multi Execute Snap.
  • Additional enhancements have also been made to Hive, Hadoop, JMS, and REST Snap Packs.

Core platform enhancements

With SnapLogic’s complete, self-service, intelligent integration platform, enterprises no longer need multiple integration solutions to manage their diverse and complex data projects. We are excited to see how our latest product innovations enable customers to speed up their data initiatives and integration projects.

Register for our webcast on the SnapLogic November 2018 release (takes place Thursday, November 15) to get a closer look at the new updates. You can also visit the SnapLogic Community to learn more.

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