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Most organizations have to juggle multiple B2B systems that they’ve accumulated over the years to meet their evolving needs. Many of these systems have since become redundant and are costly and time-consuming to maintain. Some legacy solutions are facing the end-of-life stage while others are unable to support modern, cloud-based architectures. What’s more, building and maintaining legacy B2B integration systems is complex and requires skilled resources. SnapLogic for B2B Integration changes all this.

SnapLogic for B2B Integration solution architecture


SnapLogic modernizes your B2B integrations so you no longer have to endure the pain of antiquated, disjointed systems. The SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform (IIP) integrates with a cloud-based B2B gateway solution to offer effective partner management, out-of-the-box EDI document support, and EDI translation. These pre-built integrations with a B2B gateway enable you to both create EDI documents that get pushed to trading partners and ingest EDI documents sent by trading partners.

A cloud-native solution for modern partner management

  • Effective partner management, superior onboarding experiences, and the ability to scale with out-of-the-box EDI document support and EDI translations
  • Pre-built integrations with a B2B gateway enable you to create and ingest EDI documents tied to trading partners
  • Ability to manage partners according to any data exchange standard via API creation and management inside one platform
  • A modern, future-proof platform architecture that is accessible from any web browser and is always up-to-date

Data Sheet

SnapLogic for B2B Integration


A feature-rich EDI gateway

  • Support for any EDI standards such as X12, EDIFACT, RosettaNet, Tradacom, HL7, and others
  • Support for REST APIs
  • Support for EDI documents such as 810-Invoice, 820-Payment, 850-Purchase Order, 862-Shipping Schedule, 940-Warehouse Shipping Order, and many more
  • Support for protocols such as AS2, SFTP/FTP, HTTP/HTTPS, VAN, and MFT
  • Data validation suggestions and translations from one data format to another (e.g., X12 to XML)
  • EDI documents conversion to JSON format and vice-versa
  • Transaction monitoring in which every transaction has an audit trail containing an update of events

Case Study

SnackNation reduces integration workload by 50 percent with SnapLogic


A unified platform for connectivity including B2B integration

  • A cohesive experience and seamless connectivity for your B2B systems with information stored in applications and databases both in the cloud and on-premises
  • Higher productivity for expert and citizen integrators through Iris AI, our AI-powered Integration Assistant, and an intuitive user interface
  • Freedom from relying on scarce resources and third parties for B2B integration


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