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Build, consume, and manage up-to-date APIs without the complexity of hand-coding and the costs of ongoing maintenance. Leverage your APIs to create a revenue-driving digital ecosystem.

Full lifecycle API management

SnapLogic API Management (APIM) provides a seamless, end-to-end solution for achieving full lifecycle API management. It enables you to build a rich digital ecosystem and accelerate connectivity across channels and partners. What’s more, SnapLogic APIM spurs innovation and growth in the form of new API-led products and services. With full lifecycle API management, you can manage, scale, and control API consumption quickly, seamlessly, and securely. The following features make this possible: API traffic control and productization, developer management, advanced analytics, and threat detection.

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SnapLogic API Management


Create APIs without a single line of code

The Enterprise Integration Cloud (EIC), SnapLogic’s core integration platform, makes it easy to create APIs by converting complex integration pipelines into REST APIs. These APIs can shape, combine, and transform data as well as connect a variety of endpoints – databases, ERP systems, legacy web services, cloud applications, data warehouses, data lakes, IoT, etc. – with virtually no coding. They can even enrich third-party data. By not having to update API calls with manual code, you can achieve a remarkably fast time-to-value.

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OpenAPI for any API management platform

SnapLogic adapts to your API needs and integrates with any API management platform you might want to use. It does this by using OpenAPI specifications created from SnapLogic projects. You can use these specifications to easily generate a single downloadable “Swagger” file, in JSON or YAML format, in the SnapLogic EIC. The REST APIs from all related tasks for the project are imported via this file into any API management platform of your choosing. This includes Apigee, Microsoft Azure, 3Scale, CA Technologies’ Layer 7, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Kong, Axway, and more.


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Connect and consume APIs in real-time

Speed up your integration initiatives by leveraging a growing library of 450+ pre-built connectors. These pre-built connectors, known as Snaps, integrate with popular applications, databases, analytics solutions, data warehouses, and other systems. They enable you to execute multi-point integrations and connect your on-premises applications to your cloud applications without having to write a single line of code. In other words, with Snaps, you don’t have to build APIs from scratch. This enables you to build a revenue-driving digital ecosystem faster.

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A comprehensive and flexible integration platform

SnapLogic offers pre-built pipeline patterns and the Iris AI-powered Integration Assistant to further speed up the process of building a digital ecosystem. The Integration Assistant, a machine learning-powered recommendation engine, offers contextual Snap suggestions when building integrations, thus saving you time. With pre-built pipeline patterns, you can build reusable API integrations at drag-and-drop speed. SnapLogic enables you to rapidly create APIs, make seamless connections, and easily manage the full API lifecycle.


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Quickly connect and consume APIs without manual code

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