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Anaplan Snap Pack

The Anaplan Snap Pack supports read and write access to Anaplan workspaces and models.

Key Features of the Anaplan Snap Pack

The Anaplan Snap Pack enables you to connect data from your corporate applications with the Anaplan platform. Gain full access to all data from disparate applications and analyze data in your Anaplan platform to improve operational planning and optimize business performance.

The Anaplan Snap Pack supports read and write access to workspaces and models on the Anaplan Platform. For integration between SnapLogic and Anaplan software, these Snaps uses Anaplan Connect (the Anaplan API), eliminating the need for any subsequent configuration within Anaplan. After installation, you can access your models and manipulate your data with no additional Web Services or programming.

The Anaplan Snap Pack provides components for reading data from and writing data to the Anaplan server using SnapLogic and executing pre-configured Actions on the Anaplan server. All Anaplan Snaps offer the Retry Capability, enabling pipelines to continue executing pipelines automatically in a case of network failure. Additionally, the Anaplan Snaps support Anaplan’s platform (2.0).  

Anaplan Snaps include:

  • Action
  • Read
  • Upload
  • Write

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