November 2018 Release: Snowflake Multi Execute Snap

Watch this video to learn how you can query multiple Snowflake SQL statements with the Snowflake Multi Execute Snap.

Learn more about the Snowflake Multi Execute Snap in the blog post, “SnapLogic November 2018 Release: Revolutionize your business with intelligent integration.”

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Hi! In this video, I will cover on how to use the Snowflake Multi Execute Snap in an integration pipeline to execute multiple Snowflake SQL queries as a single atomic unit.

Some of the queries used in this demo include a drop table statement, a create table statement, and a few insert statements. Right now the SQL statements can be either a string of text or can be passed as an expression-enabled text.

By using the Snowflake Select Snap, we can read the contents from the Snowflake table that was just created, and format it into a JSON file before writing it out as a JSON file. Let’s validate this pipeline.

After the pipeline is validated, we can preview the data for the Snowflake Multi Execute Snap and see that all the SQL queries were grouped as part of the begin and commit block.

In addition, for every SQL query executed, we can see the query execution sequence, the actual SQL statement that was executed, the query execution count, and the message that indicates whether the execution was successful or not.Next we will use the Snowflake Select Snap to read the contents from the table and write the content into a JSON file.

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