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Workday Prism is an analytics platform that lets organizations bring data in at scale from any source and then prepare, analyze, and share it for insightful business decisions. Prism Analytics can be used on Workday data and data from third-party solutions.

Key Features of the Workday Prism Snap

Organizations that use Workday as their Human Capital Management (HCM) and ERP solution can further take advantage of their people and financial data in Workday and data from other data sources by running people and financial analytics. By analyzing people data, organizations may uncover areas to expand and improve across their HCM programs from onboarding, offboarding, talent acquisition to employee incentives. Common to many organizations, third- party HR solutions can create additional, yet crucial data for HR professionals to gain a holistic view of all their people data. Companies that have a complete view of their financial data can improve budget planning, sales and revenue forecasts, and employee compensation.

SnapLogic offers the Workday Prism Snap Pack for organizations to take full advantage of their data and empower HR and financial professionals to make data-driven decisions. With the Workday Prism Snap Pack, HR and financial professionals are empowered to automate the process of moving large volumes of data stored in on-premises or cloud data sources into Prism Analytics.

With a complete view of their data, you can:

  • Improve recruitment programs and make data-driven recruitment decisions
  • Offer fair compensation for top talent
  • Identify and hire the right talent across the world
  • Anticipate employee potential and retain top talent
  • Maintain high employee performance
  • Improve financial reporting and planning
  • Optimize budget allocations
  • Understand how talent impacts P&L

The SnapLogic Workday Prism Snap Pack includes the following Snap:

  • Workday Prism Bulk Load

Download the Workday data sheet to learn more about how to get the most out of Workday and SnapLogic or learn more about the Workday Prism Snap Pack in the product documentation here.