Data Sheet

Application and Data Integration with Workday

Whether the use case is quote-to-cash, new employee onboarding, customer 360, or analytics leveraging enterprise applications, some of the most successful Workday® customers run the SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform to automate the integration of HR data from on-premises or cloud-based sources. With pre-built connectors (Snaps), and reusable integration templates, SnapLogic makes it quick and easy to integrate new applications with Workday, retire legacy applications, and analyze employee or financial data in Workday Prism Analytics.

The SnapLogic Workday Snaps expose the entire Workday API visually, enabling organizations to integrate Workday data without the complexity of an ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) or the limitations of traditional connectors. By rapidly integrating the Workday solution using SnapLogic’s integration platform, companies can greatly increase the flexibility of HR and financial processes, ease the pain of adding or retiring applications, and enable teams to focus on more strategic business priorities.

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