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Key Features

The Workday Snap Pack provides read, write and delete access to objects in Workday. These Snaps expose the Workday API visually to enable fast, self-service integration.

Use the Workday Snap Pack to easily integrate and expose access to the Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) and Workday Financial Management systems, so that you can focus your efforts on using your data and automating business processes, rather than on implementing complex APIs. Whether the use case is quote-to-cash, new employee on-boarding or analytics leveraging cloud and enterprise applications, some of the most successful Workday customers run the SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform to automate the integration of data from on-premises or cloud-based sources.

  • Rapidly integrate Workday with other enterprise systems without coding (no XSLT skills needed)
  • Integrate without the complexity of an ESB
  • Quickly add or retire applications to workflows
  • Enjoy flexible deployment options, including on-premises or in the cloud
  • Introspect data objects and fields and easily select what you need

Sample Workday HCM Use Case
The Workday Snap Pack helps users automate HR processes such as new employee on-boarding. You can read or update all Employee records by either Employee E-mail, ID, or Name. You can read or update records in the Organization business object by specifying the Organization Name. You an also read or update all records in the Contingent Worker business object without specifying any criteria, or specify records by either Contingent Worker E-Mail, ID, or Name.

Sample Workday Financial Management Use Case
Customers use the Workday Snap Pack to facilitate a transition from an on-premises ERP system, or to automate processes with other SaaS systems such as quote-to-cash connectivity with Salesforce. SnapLogic has a configurable, pre-made quote-to-cash orchestration pattern that:

  • Automatically creates/updates a Prospect in Workday when an Opportunity is created in Salesforce
  • Creates a Customer record in Workday when an Opportunity in Salesforce reaches a predefines stage
  • Updates Opportunity cost information in Salesforce based on data from Workday
  • Creates or updates Products in Salesforce from Sales Item data in Workday

Workday Snap Pack supports:

  • Workday Read: provides the ability to retrieve Workday data by defining the Workday service name, the object, and optionally output fields. The simplified Workday output format can be easily consumed by downstream systems.
  • Workday Write: provides the ability to write records into specific objects into Workday based on the input document field values that match the workday object schema field names
  • Workday Cancel: provides the ability to cancel objects in Workday based on the input document field values that match the Workday object schema field names

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