November 2018 Release: OpenAPI Generation in YAML or JSON Formats

In this demo, you will learn how to generate OpenAPI specification in YAML or JSON file formats.

Learn more about the OpenAPI Generation in YAML or JSON Formats in the blog post, “SnapLogic November 2018 Release: Revolutionize your business with intelligent integration.”

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Hi! In this demo, I will walk you through a series of steps on how to generate an OpenAPI specification for your SnapLogic projects. In SnapLogic, all triggered tasks and ultra tasks are treated like an API, and Swagger specifications can be created for SnapLogic projects that include at least one triggered or ultra task. The Swagger specification tailored towards a specific set of APIs can be easily created into a standard YAML (yamel) or a JSON file format.

You can see that under my project’s ‘Task’ tab, I have created a few APIs, and once I am ready to document these APIs, I can click on my project’s menu and select “OpenAPI”.

A Swagger Download window will pop up. I have the options of selecting either a YAML or JSON format and select which APIs I want included in the Swagger specification. But for now, I will select the format as YAML and select every active triggered task that exists in my current project.

I start downloading once I finish selecting what I need for the Swagger specification.

Once the YAML file is downloaded, I can see all the detailed information about my APIs like hostnames, method types, input and output parameters, and much more.

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