Cloud Data Warehousing

You have a big data initiative, let us power it to success

Your cloud data warehouse is foundational to analytics and business intelligence projects. Its accuracy and performance drive the insights that your business needs to succeed.

With an intuitive, visual platform you can easily consolidate on-premises and cloud apps and data into your cloud data warehouse. Whether you are migrating your data warehouse to the cloud or populating it from a cloud data lake, you can streamline the entire process with SnapLogic’s AI-enabled pipeline recommendations.

Connect Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and more.

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“We’re scaling to enormous data volumes, analyzing more than 100 million records in a recent integration.Instead of taking five to six hours to push 150,000 records to an external endpoint, we were able to push three times that volume of information to the external endpoint in about two minutes.”

– Senior Manager, Data Strategy and Architecture, Box

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