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GenAI App Builder

Turbo-charge your business by creating LLM-powered applications and automations in minutes. No coders or data scientists required.

Unlock the transformative power of GenAI

GenAI App Builder allows business users to create LLM-powered solutions, providing you with the fastest path to building a generative enterprise.

SnapLogic GenAI Builder Product Overview Video

Build LLM-powered applications in minutes

GenAI App Builder empowers business users to create custom LLM-powered workflows without coding. Whether you need a question-answering workflow for employee benefits, a document redlining solution, or a research report analysis engine, GenAI App Builder provides the tools and flexibility to build it all.

Automate document processing with ease

Extract valuable data from invoices, purchase orders, resumes, insurance claims, loan applications, and more – automatically. GenAI App Builder’s IDP (Intelligent Document Processing) solution, AutoIDP, leverages the power of LLMs to automate document processing and access relevant content on demand.

Boost productivity and insights across functions

Enable business users to automatically and reliably summarize reports and articles, quickly find answers, and extract valuable insights from unstructured data. GenAI App Builder’s no-code approach allows anyone to leverage the power of AI to automate tedious portions of their work, regardless of their technical expertise.

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Human resources

Leverage employee handbooks and HR documents to provide automatic answers for staff inquiries about company policies, benefits, etc.


Ask questions and get information about purchase orders or invoices during the vendor procurement process.

Gather information from previous legal contracts that can suggest red lines and provide accuracy and consistency across documentation.


Analyze market data and competitive research reports for insights to improve financial analysis, forecasting and strategic planning.

Customer experience

Deploy a self-service chatbot to provide instant answers to customer questions and reduce the burden for the support team.


Enhance your internal knowledge base with GenAI-powered search capabilities that return relevant, up-to-date responses to queries.


As of February 2024, GenAI App Builder is generally available.

GenAI App Builder is part of the GenAI package that consists of a set of multiple Snap Packs, pipeline patterns, and a chatbot UI starter kit to digitize and parse documents and text, break information into small pieces and store that information in vector databases to augment LLM knowledge.

We offer a GenAI package that includes GenAI App Builder on top of the core SnapLogic Platform for customers interested in only developing GenAI applications. The base Enterprise package is required for GenAI App Builder.

No. The product includes connector Snaps for the most commonly used LLMs and vector databases. The customer needs to separately procure licenses for the supported products.

Yes. GenAI App Builder includes a set of Snaps and Patterns that allow business users to create LLM-powered pipelines and workflows. GenAI App Builder includes a chatbot UI starter kit with documentation on how to leverage an open source chatbot UI to create powerful LLM-powered chatbot applications.

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