SnapLogic for Amazon HealthLake

Amazon’s HealthLake enables healthcare providers, health insurance companies, and pharmaceutical companies to securely store, transform, query, analyze, and share healthcare data in the cloud at petabyte scale.

SnapLogic’s AWS HealthLake Accelerator is the easiest way to connect any system to load or stream data into AWS HealthLake, and then, create APIs to consume the results of the NLP and Ontology mapping that AWS HealthLake provides. Using SnapLogic, users can ingest a range of raw data from AWS HealthLake and transform it intohealthcare-specific, semi-structured data.

SnapLogic can handle digital medical health records easily, and automate business processes for onboarding, order to cash, payroll, supply chain, and interfacing with insurance providers. We provide a simple and easy way to create and maintain integrations and automations within your healthcare environment. We simplify the ability to acquire, transform and deliver data.

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