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Amazon Redshift Snap Pack

The Amazon Redshift Snap Pack transfers petabytes of data into and out of Amazon Redshift.

Key Features of the Amazon Redshift Snap Pack

Organizations typically conduct on-premises to cloud data migrations using Amazon Redshift. The Snaps for Amazon Redshift are pre-built connectors that enable you to transfer up petabytes of data into and out of Amazon Redshift, for a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions. These Snaps enable you to execute multiple Redshift commands in one Snap, making Amazon Redshift integration pipelines easy to create and manage.

The data can be moved at any latency (batch, read-time, real-time, and via triggers) to meet the requirements of a diverse set of business users. In addition, SnapLogic offers over 700 pre-built Snaps that connect to different data sources including on-premises applications like traditional ERP and SaaS applications as well as social media, mobile, and device data. The goal is to easily extract data from its various sources and formats and load it into Amazon Redshift, at significant cost savings.

Realize fast Redshift data loading and extraction with SnapLogic’s drag and drop cloud integration Designer.

Amazon Redshift Snaps include:

  • Bulk Load
  • Bulk Upsert
  • Delete
  • Execute
  • Insert
  • Lookup
  • Multi Execute
  • S3 Upsert
  • SCD2
  • Table List
  • Unload
  • Update

Learn more about how Snaps work with the SnapLogic Platform for Generative Integration.