The MySQL Snap provides read and write access to all objects in your custom MySQL database or MYSQL compatible database like Aurora and MariaDB. This Snap is equipped with dozens of functions you can perform on source data to integrate it with your other systems.

Key Features of the MySQL Snap

Use the MySQL Snap to connect to your MySQL database and achieve read and write access to its objects. After you install this Snap, SnapLogic analyzes all the objects in your MySQL database and creates metadata for them. Hence, you will not need to perform any additional programming or configuration within the MySQL software.

The Snap comes with building blocks that enable dozens of functions on your source data. Among the building blocks are readers and generators, such as the CSVRead, XMLRead, and DBRead functions. For every type of reader/generator, a writer building block is also included, such as operators, including aggregate, database lookup, filter, join, merge sorter, splitter, and type converter.

The MySQL Integration Snap:

  • Provides pre-defined building blocks that are easy to extend for customization needs
  • Gives data access controlled by the MySQL credentials
  • Implements basic MySQL application security
  • Does not require any additional configuration within MySQL after installation
  • Does not require Web Services or additional programming required to access MySQL data after installation

The Snaps in the MySQL Snap Pack include:

  • Bulk Load
  • Delete
  • Execute
  • Insert
  • Lookup
  • Merge
  • Multi Execute
  • Select
  • Stored Procedure
  • Table List
  • Update

Learn more about how Snaps work with the SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud here.

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