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Key Features

Marketing professionals from large Fortune 100 companies to start-ups rely on Eloqua to generate their revenues.

Use the Eloqua Snap to create emails with one click. This is ideal for marketing operations departments who need to create and to manage a high volume of campaigns. The Eloqua snap allows users to push new emails into Eloqua from any application in the Snap Store.

The business case for the Eloqua snap is to allow Marketing to manage their campaigns more efficiently.

Traditionally, this has been a three step process:

  • Create Campaign ID in CRM, e.g. Salesforce
  • Populate that Campaign ID in CMS, e.g. Drupal
  • Create email campaign in Marketing Automation, e.g. Eloqua

This process is inefficient and primitive. The new breed of marketers understands that they need to more with less, i.e. generate revenue, not copy / paste. The beauty of the Eloqua snap is that it adds value to the campaign management process. Professional Services is highly recommended.

This Snap allows for:

  • Integrated email campaign creation function from any application in the Snap Store
  • Uses Email Creation function in Eloqua
  • Uses Email Web Services – SOAP API
  • Saves time by avoiding multiple entries into several applications
  • Allows other users to create an email campaign without accessing Eloqua
  • Compatible with Drupal and Salesforce

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