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The SAP Snap provides BAPI and RFC level connectivity to the SAP ERP system modules such as FICO.

Key Features of the SAP Snap

Organizations can easily achieve SAP integration with third-party solutions through SnapLogic’s SAP Snap. You can integrate key business processes with those of your customers, partners, and supplies in a flexible yet cost-effective manner. The SAP Snap provides BAPI and RFC level connectivity to the SAP ERP system modules such as FICO, while facilitating CRM and SAP customer, invoice, and product data synchronization.

The SnapLogic SAP Snap enhances the capabilities of SAP ERP system by:

  • Improving business decision-making with real-time analysis
  • Capturing new customers and increasing repeat business
  • Improving inventory management and reducing inventory levels
  • Achieving a single view of leads, customers, accounts, contacts, and opportunities
  • Enhancing operational efficiency and preventing re-keying of data
  • Improving forecasting and collections

Potential process flows related to supplier/vendor portals include:

  • Vendor Account Management: Enable the submission of purchase orders to your suppliers. Receive acknowledgments and delivery schedules straight into SAP. If the vendor is managing inventory, the inventory synchronization can be executed real-time.
  • Invoice Entry: Enable suppliers to submit their invoices online against the PO to SAP
  • Self-Service: Directly query the SAP data from the portal via the SAP Snap

The SAP Snap supports the following operations on the SAP system:

  • Enter the BAPI name and upon clicking “Suggest,” the appropriate input/output views and properties will automatically be generated
  • Get the BAPI object based on its description
  • Execute the BAPI
  • CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) operations based on BAPI functionality

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