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Key Features

Apache Cassandra is a scalable, distributed NoSQL database designed to handle large datasets.

The Cassandra Snap Pack from SnapLogic is designed to make Cassandra integration fast and simple, and to make the Cassandra database an integral part of your connected big data architecture.

The Snaps in this Snap Pack let you:

  • Execute arbitrary Cassandra query language (CQL) statements or queries
  • Fetch data from a Cassandra database which can then be processed and transformed by a downstream Snap​

SnapLogic provides an easy-to-use platform for big data integration that is robust enough for the most complex ingest-prepare-deliver use cases, yet intuitive enough for non-experts. The Cassandra integration Snaps can connect Cassandra to multiple data sources, whether on premises or in the cloud, and can help make the transition from a traditional RDBMS to Cassandra seamless.

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