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Binary Snap Pack

The Binary Snap Pack reads and writes data from multiple file sources.

Key Features of the Binary Snap Pack

To connect data from disparate databases, cloud applications, and on-premises systems, organizations must be able to read various file sources. The Binary Snap Pack helps you read and write files to flow data into different systems and applications so that you can enhance your analytics and decision-making process.

A common use case for the Binary Integration Snaps is to be able to read and write data from a single file and a variety of file sources into SnapLogic. These snaps can also compress and decompress large file sources to speed up process, and support various encryption standards. Users can now digitally sign records through the PGP Snaps. The Binary Snap Pack supports Google service accounts and Azure Shared Access Signature (SAS) to efficiently manage resource access.

The Binary Snaps include:

  • AES Encrypt
  • AES Decrypt
  • Blowfish Encrypt
  • Blowfish Decrypt
  • Compress
  • Decompress
  • Directory Browser
  • File Delete
  • File Poller
  • File Reader
  • File Writer
  • Multi File Reader
  • Multipart Writer
  • Multipart Reader
  • PGP Decrypt
  • PGP Encrypt
  • S3 File Writer
  • S3 File Reader
  • Twofish Encrypt
  • Twofish Decrypt
  • ZipFile Read
  • ZipFile Write

Learn more about the binary snap pack in the product documentation here.