Azure Active Directory Snap Pack

The Azure Active Directory Snap Pack connects applications for identity management benefits.

Key Features of the Azure Active Directory Integration Snap Pack

Azure Active Directory provides IT professionals secure and easy access to systems through single sign-on (SSO). Azure Active Directory can also be used to manage device registration, self-service password management, role-based access control, and more. Organizations take advantage of their identity management investments by turning cloud-based applications into Azure Active Directory tenants.

The Azure Active Directory Integration Snap Pack connects applications with Azure Active Directory so that users using these cloud applications enjoy the same identity management benefits.

The Snap Pack for Azure Active Directory can:

  • Authenticate users
  • Create, update, and delete entries
  • List and search entries

Azure Active Directory Snaps include:

  • Authenticate Users
  • Create Entry
  • Delete Entry
  • Get Role Members
  • List Users
  • Manage Group Membership
  • Manage Role Membership
  • Search Entries
  • Update Entry
  • Get Group Members

Learn more about how Snaps work with the SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform here.

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