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ServiceNow Snap

The ServiceNow Snap extracts data programmatically from ServiceNow using the HTTP GET request.

Key Features of the ServiceNow Snap

Users get the following benefits by using the ServiceNow Snap to extract data programmatically from ServiceNow using the HTTP GET request. The ServiceNow Snap enables users to:

  • Improve implementation quality  with a visual reviewing of process flows as they are being built
  • Increase agility by allowing the process owner to manage integrations
  • Reduce solution implementation times by utilizing pre-built intelligent connectors and creating visual representations of processes, such as alerting on trouble tickets and creating onboarding flows
  • Lower the cost of operations and improve data accuracy by eliminating manual rekeying and updating information transactionally.

Connect your cloud and on-premises apps, databases and files in a single SnapLogic pipeline.

The ServiceNow Snap consists of the following components:

  • ServiceNow Connection Component (stores ServiceNow instance name, username, and password)
  • ServiceNow Reader Component (reads the data from ServiceNow tables)
  • ServiceNow Write Component (Insert/Update or Delete actions can be performed on the chosen table)
  • ServiceNow Wizard (creates ServiceNow reader components for the selected resources)

ServiceNow Snap properties and their functionality include:

  • ServiceNow Connection Component
  • Provides connection
  • Stores connection credentials
  • A valid ServiceNow Instance Name has to be entered
  • A valid password for the given username has to be entered
  • A valid username has to be entered
  • ServiceNow Connection Component Wizard
  • Refers to the ServiceNow Connection Component in the library
  • The query to filter data from ServiceNow
  • This wizard takes the connection and fetches the list of reports and tables present in ServiceNow. The wizard then creates the ServiceNow Reader components for the selected resources

This Snap is developed based on ServiceNow XML Web Services.

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